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New Bells & Bell Repair

Bell Ringing & Cast Bells

New Bells, Bell Repair, & Bell Ringing Systems

We design and install bell ringing solutions for a variety of bell towers as well as applications where the sound of real bells is desired, when structural or budgetary constraints do not allow the installation of real bells. We also provide bell repair around the United States.

Digital Bell Systems
Digital Bell Systems Our digital bell systems produce the sounds of up to 32 bells at once with the resonance of heavy cast bells, creating the perfect sound of large bells and real carillons anywhere including traditional bell towers.
Church Bell Ringing Strikers
Bell Ringing & Strikers Cast bells can be rung by using swinging motion or by using internal, external and rope pulled bell strikers. We provide automated bell ringing solutions for each of these scenarios depending on your unique bell ringing needs.
New Cast Bells
New Cast Bells Every bell is unique - our cast bells are tuned to the notes you require. We can even inscribe your new bell with a name, logo or a special message and you can combine your new cast bell with our automated ringing systems.
Bell Parts
Bell Parts We provide and install bell parts for all sizes of cast bells and tubular bells including strikers, clappers, yokes, frames, headstocks and many other bell parts!