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Bell Ringing

Church Bell Ringing - Bell Tower Ringing

Church Bell Ringing

When church bells go silent after ringing for many years, this can be due to the age of equipment or lack of the right equipment. We believe that you should be given the proper tools to ring your church bells properly and cost effectively. By using our bell ringing equipment, you can protect your bell, your tower, and your bell ringer. With our bell ringing systems, you can choose when you want to ring your bell (or bells), as well as many other functions such as a funeral toll, a call to prayer, or a wedding peal.

Bell Tower Ringing

Bell tower ringing can be technically complex. One needs to ensure that the bell strikers or bell ringing systems are compatible with any current bells in a tower. If bells ringers are not hitting a bell properly, this can result in damage to the bell as well as the bell tower itself. We can help to ensure that you select the proper bell ringer for your bell tower from the design process to the installation. We're also experts in upgrading old or broken bell ringers to modern ringing systems.