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Church Bell Ringing & Bell Strikers

Church Bell Ringing & Bell Strikers

Automated Bell Ringing & Bell Strikers for Towers and Churches

Church bell ringing and automatic bell tower ringing applications are our specialty. Whether you are looking for a swinging bell ringing system or a stationary bell ringer, we can assist you in the design and installation of a custom solution!

Bell strikers can be controlled by three different types of controllers for automated ringing. Automated bell strikers are ideal for towers and churches where difficult bell tower access or convenience demand an automated bell striking solution.

Automatic Church Bell Ringers

We're experts at creating the perfect automatic church bell ringers for your building. Review the four typical automatic striker systems below or give us a call to discuss your automated ringing needs!

Internal Bell Stiker Photo

Internal Bell Strikers

Internal bell strikers are to be used on stationary bells only. If you have a bell that is a swinging bell but would like to turn it into a stationary bell, an inside striker could work for you. An internal striker is usually installed on a bell in the case that there is either no room for an external striker or in the case that the client does not want the striker to be visible. These strikers can be placed on bells as small as 16 pounds and bells up to 30,000 pounds.

By placing a striker on the inside of your bell, you can give your bell a clean professional look with all the power to strike your bell with rich clean bell tone.

In the event you would like to place a striker on the inside of your bell, we will send you a bell measurement sheet in order for you to give us the proper measurements required to customize a striker for your bell. Each bell is different and not all strikers are the same. That is why proper measurements are needed in order to get the best sound out of your bell while maintaining the integrity of your bell and frame.  

With an internal bell striker, it can be controlled using one of our three bell control units.

External bell strikers

External Bell Strikers

External bell strikers can be used for either swinging or stationary bells. If you have a swinging bell, the external striker can be placed on the outside in order to not interfere with the swinging of the bell. If you have a stationary bell, you can also place this striker on the outside of the bell where there is plenty of room in your bell tower or when people will not be seeing the bell from the ground. These strikers are normally easier to install than internal bell strikers and can be placed in a number of different locations around the bell depending on the current setup of your bell or bell tower.

Rope pulled bell striker

Rope Pulled Strikers

Rope pulled strikers can be placed on the inside or outside or your bell depending on what you are trying to achieve. We can upgrade old pull strikers with a newer stronger pull striker. With our pull strikers, you can either pull a rope manually, or the bell can be rung with the use of a controller.

Tubular Bells Strikers

Strikers for Tubular Bells

A different type of bell striker is made especially for tubular bells. Americlock uses a special frame for fixing the tubular bell striker which can also be used for suspending the tubular bell itself. Using nylon Kevlar strings, we can safely attach the tubular bells to the frame while striking the tube to give you the clearest sound possible. In the case that you have gold colored tubular bells, the strikers and fixing systems can be painted a gold color. In the case that you have chrome or silver colored tubular bells, the strikers and fixing systems can be painted a silver color as well.

These tubular bell strikers can be controlled by a controller, an electronic keyboard, or using an existing organ setup with a Midi function.