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Chimes & Carillons

8 Bell Carillon

Carillons typically have more than one bell for each of the smaller and mid-sized notes in order to complete fast repetitions in a tune without muffling the sound of the bell.

Bell Chimes & Electronic Bell Carillons

Designing and planning for a chime or a carillon involves a lot of experience and we're here to help you with your design, planning, fabrication and installation process.

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16 Bells Chime

Designing an Electronic Bell Carillon System or a Digital Bell Chime

We can design an electronic carillon or chime system based on your unique needs. With your input, we can provide you with a system that can be operated either by a keyboard, a clavier, or with preprogrammed tunes already setup onto your controller. These chimes can range from 5 bells to 23 and the carillons can range 23 bells to more than 64 bells.

23 Bell Carillon

Bell Towers & Free-standing Structures for Bells

Americlock can design a free standing tower for your project or design the inner workings of the bell tower for you. We will assist you with all the electrical requirements for your bell project while coordinating with other trades during the design and building process.

15 Bell Carillon

Competitive Chime & Bell Carillon System Quote

If you have been given a quote for a tower, carillon system or chimes, allow us to give you a price for comparison. If you already have a chime system or carillon bell system that needs maintenance, repair, new parts, cleaning, or to be moved, ask us for a competitive quote or read about our bell restoration and bell repair services;